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PVC Dummy with Recoil Reaction Stand (Wall Mount)

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MSRP: $799.00
Our Price: $699.00
Savings: $100.00 (13%)
Category: PVC Dummies

PVC Dummy with Recoil Reaction Stand (Wall Mount)

Warrior Martial Art Supply is going on our 13 th year in business unsurpassed in the quality in craftsmanship of our handmade wooden dummies. It is impossible to purchase a quality wooden dummy with a lifetime warranty for $600 or less so don’t be fooled. We are not the cheapest , because we use nothing less then furniture grade hardwoods on our patent pending 9 board laminating process on all of our warrantied trunks.  We have replaced countless dummy trunks, arms, legs, and stands from many of our low end wooden dummy competitors. Buy a dummy from us is buying a dummy for life!!!


Warrior’s  dummy with Recoil Reaction Stand  easily mounts to your wall with hardware supplied with your stand. This stand with a standard 60”   PVC Dummy will accommodate users of average height of 5’10”. For users taller or shorter then 5’10” we can either make you a stand booster box or a shorter dummy to accommodate your height better.  One you select users height we will know what is needed to more closely match your height. All of our wooden Dummies will work on all of our dummy stands including dummy stands. 

  The Recoil Reaction Stand has a unique function when in Recoil Mode. The swivel base of which two tension bands attach to stand creating equal and opposite tension. This tension keeps dummy facing forward on the centerline. This allows you to push on dummy arms  either direction rotating the dummy and giving you pressure back. When released dummy will snap back to center position. This is an excellent feature for sensitivity drills developing pushing and pulling principles. The stand base can also be locked only allowing a little bit of rotating of trunk when locked to perform traditional drills or  wooden dummy form.

“Traditional upper arms” which have 1 middle arm centered to peg and 2 upper arms offset from the peg which allows for  the upper arms inserted to create offset arms in one position. Remove arms and rotate them 180 degrees and re insert for level  upper arms.  Arm Pegs are 1.5”x1.5” square on all three.



Save $20.00 on a pair of Dummy pads with purchase of your wooden dummy and get to pads for $70.00 marked down from $90.00

Shipping cost $155.00 inside the continental US. Contact us for all other shipping inquiries.

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