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PVC dummies and econimcal alternative to a wooden Wing Chun Dumm


A PVC dummy is a great alternitive when cost is a deciding factor in purchaseing a Wing Chun Dummy. All of the proportions are identical between our wood or PVC dummy trunks. The arms and leg are the same size and quality as on our wooden dummies as well. The only negitive would be the solid wieght you get from a wooden Dummy trunk is not there with a PVC dummr body. Like all of our dummies the PVC dummy can be used on multiple stands if you should choose.

Warrior’s New PVC dummy with Vector stand  is ideal when room space is limited and you do not want to mount to your wall. This stand with a standard 60” PVC Dummy will accommodate users of average height of 5’10”. For users taller or shorter then 5’10” we can either make you a taller or shorter dummy trunk to proportion your height better. All of our PVC Dummies will work on all of our dummy stands including dummy stands for our wooden dummies. Arm and leg colors can either be in Black or Natural wood. Our arms and Leg are made from Hardwood Ash.